Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Celebrity Championship Alumni of the Winter Olympics

By Haley Zambrovitz

Every four years countries from all over the world take stock in their winter athletes as they compete to become a part of an international platform, proving they are the best winter competitors in the world. From alpine skiing to ice skating to curling, the Winter Olympics are a time to take pride in our nation and watch as extraordinary athletic feats take place. We’ve seen many athletes take the winter stage over the years and the Celebrity Championship is proud to call a few of them alumni. Mike Eruzione, Dan Jansen, and Bode Miller, have all graced the fairways of the Celebrity Championship tournament so we love to remember what amazing winter Olympians these men are.

You may remember legendary Mike Eruzione from the Winter Olympics in 1980 as the USA hockey captain who also lead the team to a historical win, beating the soviets out of a nearly 26-year winning streak. Mike’s legendary story was deemed “Miracle on ice” which was later made into a motion picture called “Miracle.” Eruizone’s legendary game won him the Olympic gold medal and a special place in history for his unmatched athletic ability.

Another athlete we should be showing our praises to is none other than Dan Jansen, who won the 1994 Olympic gold medal for speed skating. Jansen’s early career was ridden with illness and heartbreak including the loss of his sister, but he kept training and after years struggling to win the gold he attempted one last time in 1994 and ended up taking the gold and shattering the previous world record.

And lastly, the youngest but just as equally talented winter Olympian and Celebrity Championship alumni, Bode Miller. Miller, an alpine skier for the U.S. Ski Team, won his first gold medal in the winter of 2010. His medals in not only the Olympics but also the World Championship gave him the honor of being called the best American alpine ski racer of all time. Miller sat the 2013 season out due to a knee surgery and decided to not participate in any events last season in order to heal properly for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
There may not be snow here in San Diego but our admiration for these incredible athletes makes us feel like we’re knee deep in powder alongside them. Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and see incredible athletes like Bode Miller make history February 7-23!


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